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New post from our Ghana SRT team: It’s been an incredible “2 months” here in Ghana! We are headed back home tomorrow after visiting numerous hospitals throughout the country and meeting countless incredible, selfless people who are doing so much for the health of their communities, both the students and others. We had to travel a lot to see all of the students (we visited 8 of the 10 regions here) but we managed to come out successful and have some fun along the way. We still have work to do back home, but at least it will be done with many fond memories and strong friendships that were made here. It’s Ghana by so fast!
Check out more updates from all our SRT teams at srt2015.tumblr.com!
Today is #WorldHepatitisDay ... Did you know that the Hep C virus is 10x more infectious than #HIV? Visit our website to learn about our hepatitis research in the U.S. and beyond: globalhealth.duke.edu (search
Welcome back to our awesome Haiti team! This picture was taken on their first day in the field two months ago. Since then, they’ve been busy conducting surveys about local understanding of contraceptive methods and prevalence of hypertension and screening for peripheral arterial disease–not to mention making some great connections and friends in the community.
More updates from all of our SRT teams can be found at srt2015.tumblr.com!
Welcome back to our rockstar Uganda team! (pictured here, minus one – maybe he’s behind the camera?) This summer, one of the team’s biggest accomplishments was collaborating with local health facilities to coordinate a community health fair, where more than 1,000 people received free medical services. Services included first aid, eye screening, HIV testing and counseling, skin and STI treatment, dental treatment, antenatal care, cervical cancer screening, safe male circumcision and more. #Uganda #srt2015 #communityhealth #globalhealth
Our Haiti SRT team is wrapping up a great summer in Leogane, where they've been working with Family Health Ministries to research local healthcare practices. Check out our SRT tumblr (srt2015.tumblr.com) for more updates from all our SRT teams.
New post up on our SRT tumblr (srt2015.tumblr.com) from our team in Tanzania:
After completing a week of intensive health screenings in two local primary schools, the SRT Tanzania team helped to facilitate a parent’s meeting with more than 100 adult attendees to discuss the research findings. One great takeaway from the meeting was that children’s health must be prioritized in the community and that change needs to come from community initiative and government support. 
Parents were vocal and optimistic when suggesting solutions to clean water and sanitation issues revealed from the research. It was especially empowering to see the number of women who wanted to learn how to build better latrines, stoves, and water jugs for their families.
Welcome back to our incredible India team! The children at the NGO where they were working really left an impression on the team this summer. As Chaarushi Aruja wrote, “When I go back home this week, I won’t take away numbers of ‘high depression scores’ or ‘low ego-resiliency’ as I would have before the summer began. I will think about the girl who taught me her dance moves. I will laugh reminiscing about the time someone bit my hair when a game of Jenga got intense … I will replay the performances we saw at summer camp in my head and hum the songs I learned from the kids.” Read Chaarushi's full blog post on our website, or linked from our tumblr (srt2015.tumblr), which has updates from all of our SRT teams!
Welcome back to our amazing Honduras team, who just arrived in the states yesterday! Having done vision exams for 3,146 kids and 220 adults, given out 330 pairs of glasses in 29 schools all over the islands of Roatan and Guanaja, and given glaucoma exams to 368 people, we’d say they had a productive summer…what do you think?
More updates from our SRT teams can be found at srt2015.tumblr.com!
Repost from @dukeforward -Thanks to our colleagues at Duke Forward for their assistance in securing our new grant from the #gatesfoundation ... and kudos to #dghi's amazing development director, Josh Bond.
We're thrilled to share the news that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded #DGHI a $20M grant ($10M in endowment support and $10M in challenge funds). Learn more at globalhealth.duke.edu/media/news/bill-melinda-gates-foundation-gives-dghi-20m-grant #gatesfoundation #GlobalHealth
#Repost @brittwitt92 ・・・
Rainbows and waterfalls 🌈🌍 Pit stop at Victoria Falls between moving from my research site in South Africa to Cameroon #duke360 #dghi #DukeMScGH
Undergrad student research team taking a break under a beautiful tree in Haiti. See more great photos on srt2015.tumblr.com! #GlobalHealth #dghi #srt2015 #haiti


MSc-GH student Sulzhan Bali is in Nigeria this summer, studying 10 different economic sectors to understand how the Ebola outbreak impacted the private sector and how the private sector dealt with the challenges that the Ebola outbreak posed. Learn more in her recent blog post!



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According to a 2012 WHO report, hepatitis B and C viral infections cause ~57% of cases of liver cirrhosis & 78% of cases of primary liver cancer. A Hepatitis B vaccine would prevent a leading cause of cancer, especially in low- and middle-income countries. #WorldHepatitisDay Read the WHO report: http://bit.ly/1MsVAun



Under the mentorship of DGHI and Duke University School of Nursing faculty member Bei Wu, global health doctoral certificate student Hanzhang Xu is studying dementia care needs among older adults who live in a community setting in China. Learn more about her Bass Connections at Duke project!



#DGHI professor Muhammad Pate: “Once you have [polio], not much can be done given the resources that we have and where we need to allocate those." Pate is a former Nigerian health minister who used to chair the presidential task force on polio. Today marks one year of no new polio cases in Nigeria, a major milestone toward eradication of the disease.


#TBT from DGHI Instagram, July 2014: Dr. David Boyd (aka "The Bald Guru") practices the ancient exercise of qigong in China. Qigong has roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy and martial arts, and seeks to cultivate the qi (chi), or life energy.


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