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Research Scholar

Dori Steinberg

Research Scholar
Duke Global Health Institute

Trent 134
(919) 613-5453

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Dori Steinberg


My work focuses on obesity prevention and treatment with particular emphasis on using technology to examine simple, sustainable behaviors for weight control. My dissertation examined an intervention that focused on daily self-weighing as a simple self-monitoring strategy for weight loss using e-scales that sent participant weights to a website. The intervention was found to be more effective than I expected and I hope to build on this work by examining the effectiveness with different populations in different settings.



Title Number Level Semester Requirements Fulfilled
Global Nutrition: Over and Under Nutrition in Developing Countries

Discusses the nutrition problems of developing countries. Reviews epidemiological, biological, and behavioral consequences of both overnutrition (e.g., obesity) and undernutrition (e.g., malnutrition). Emphasizes infectious disease (HIV, TB, malaria, diarrhea) of children and perinatal outcomes (e.g., fetal loss, low birth weight, HIV transmission, pre-eclampsia) of women and children. Strong focus on ethical and political issues relevant to the formulation of nutrition policy and programs in developing countries. Course is designed for graduate students or advanced undergraduates.

Course Notes:
Was: GLHLTH 220S - 01
UG/GRAD FALL 2016 MSC: Elective
MAJOR: Focused Study
MINOR: Elective
PhD: Elective


Recent Publications

Steinberg DM, Bennett GG, Svetkey LP. The DASH Diet-20 years later. Journal of the American Medical Association. (Under Review).

Steinberg DM, Christy J, Batch BB, Askew S, Moore RH, Parker P, Bennett GG. Preventing weight gain improves sleep quality among Black women: Results from a RCT. Annals of Behavioral Medicine. (In Press).

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