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Brad Taicher

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics, School of Medicine
School of Medicine
Anesthesiology: Pediatrics

(919) 681-4877

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Brad Taicher


Brad Taicher, a pediatric anesthesiologist and assistant professor of anesthesiology and pediatrics and chair of the Anesthesia Patient Safety and Quality Committee, is interested in the quality and safety of anesthesia in resource-constrained environments. He and his colleagues at Duke and partner institutions have evaluated the limitations of using post-operative pain scoring systems developed in the United States and studied cultural differences in perceptions of anesthesia care and barriers to implementation of WHO standards in resource-constrained environments.

Taicher has worked extensively with DGHI professor Henry Rice on the Duke Pediatric Surgery/Urology Guatemala Project -- a collaboration between Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, Guatemalan partners, and several NGOs -- whose goal is to support care, research and education initiatives to improve pediatric healthcare in Guatemala.

Recent Publications

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