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Jeffrey Vincent

Professor, Nicholas School of the Environment
Nicholas School of the Environment
Environmental Sciences and Policy

(919) 613-8025

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Jeff Vincent


Jeffrey Vincent's research is on the economics of natural resource management and policy in developing countries. His current work focuses on quantifying the economic benefits of forest conservation programs in developing countries, with a geographical emphasis on tropical Asia. He has also worked on various health-related topics, including the impacts of air pollution on human health in Malaysia and Russia, the economics of HIV/AIDS in South Africa, the economics of pediatric surgery in developing countries and fatalities associated with natural disasters in developing countries. As one of the leaders of Duke's Tropical Conservation Initiative, he has also been promoting interdisciplinary research collaboration on emerging infectious diseases.

Vincent is the author of several books and many articles in environmental economics, economic development, forestry and general science journals. He consults regularly for the World Bank and other international organizations and has directed or worked on projects in more than a dozen countries.

Recent Publications

Vincent, J.R., I. Ahmad, N. Adnan, T. Burwell, S. Pattanayak, J.S. Tan-Soo, and K. Thomas. 2016. “Valuing water purification by forests: an analysis of Malaysian panel data.” Environmental and Resource Economics 64(1):59—80.

Vincent, J.R. 2016. “Impact evaluation of forest conservation programs: benefit-cost analysis, without the economics.” Environmental and Resource Economics 63:395-408.

Tan-Soo, J.S., S. Pattanayak, I. Ahmad, N. Adnan, and J.R. Vincent. 2016. “Econometric evidence on forest ecosystem services: deforestation and flooding in Malaysia.” Environmental and Resource Economics 63:25—44.