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Brice Weinberg

Professor of Medicine
Professor of Immunology
Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

(919) 286-6833

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Brice Weinberg


Dr. Weinberg is a board-certified hematologist and medical oncologist who serves as Professor of Medicine and Immunology and Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Duke University Medical Center, and staff physician in hematology-oncology at the Durham V.A. Medical Center. His clinical interests are in hematology and oncology, and his research focuses on blood cells, nitric oxide (NO), and leukemia. The work includes studies of resistance to infection, pathways of inflammation, and regulation of normal and leukemic cell life and death. His current work includes studies of leukemia (primarily chronic lymphocytic leukemia); the roles of NO and arginine in the resistance to malaria; and the interactions of NO, prostaglandins, and mechanical force in inflammation and arthritis.

Recent Publications

Dennis, PA, Weinberg, JB, Calhoun, PS, Watkins, LL, Sherwood, A, Dennis, MF, and Beckham, JC. "An investigation of vago-regulatory and health-behavior accounts for increased inflammation in posttraumatic stress disorder." Journal of psychosomatic research 83 (April 2016): 33-39.

Berndt, SI, Camp, NJ, Skibola, CF, Vijai, J, Wang, Z, Gu, J, Nieters, A, Kelly, RS, Smedby, KE, Monnereau, A, Cozen, W, Cox, A, Wang, SS, Lan, Q, Teras, LR, Machado, M, Yeager, M, Brooks-Wilson, AR, Hartge, P, Purdue, MP, Birmann, BM, Vajdic, CM, Cocco, P, Zhang, Y, Giles, GG, Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, A, Lawrence, C, Montalvan, R, Burdett, L, Hutchinson, A, Ye, Y, Call, TG, Shanafelt, TD, Novak, AJ, Kay, NE, Liebow, M, Cunningham, JM, Allmer, C, Hjalgrim, H, Adami, HO, Melbye, M, and Glimelius, B et al. "Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies discovers multiple loci for chronic lymphocytic leukemia." Nature communications 7 (March 9, 2016): 10933.

Vakkalanka, S, Penmetsa, KV, Chasse, D, Chen, Y, Viswanadha, S, Friedman, DR, and Weinberg, JB. "Abstract A24: The dual PI3K %u03B4/%u03B3 inhibitor, RP6530, in combination with ibrutinib or fludarabine, synergistically enhances cytotoxicity in primary CLL cells in vitro." September 1, 2015.