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Kathryn Whetten

Professor, Public Policy, Nursing, Community and Family Medicine and Global Health
Director, Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research
Sanford School of Public Policy

(919) 613-5470

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Kathryn Whetten


Kathryn Whetten is a Professor of Public Policy and Global Health with additional appointments in Community and Family Medicine and Nursing. She is the Director of the Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research which is part of the Duke Global Health Institute. Whetten is the Research Director of the Hart Fellows Program. Whetten's work focuses on the understanding of health disparities in the US and around the globe. Whetten's work focuses on life course events and social/environmental factors that influence health related behaviors and wellbeing ( In addition, she uses her research results to develop and test interventions that might improve outcomes. The goal of her research is to provide empirical evidence to policy makers to improve systems of caring for marginalized populations.

Whetten's research examines the health behaviors and outcomes of disadvantaged communities and individuals. She seeks to understand the interrelationships among individual and community psychosocial dynamics, health behaviors, health, provider characteristics and public policies. Whetten views these relationships as multidirectional. She examines and clarifies underlying group characteristics that can be addressing to improve individual and community well-being. Whetten is one of a small group of researchers examining adult health outcomes as they relate to a life-course of events and influences starting with childhood experiences within families and communities and continuing through present-day conditions that may be manipulated through intervention. All of Whetten's research is grounded in the idea that public policies can make a difference in people's lives. Whetten has led 18 federally funded research grants and is the author of 3 books and over 60 peer reviewed articles.

Currently, Whetten and her intervention, service and research team have research projects that address issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, mental health, substance abuse, being orphaned or abandoned, social justice, and poverty in the US Deep South and in less wealthy nations. She and her team work with colleagues in: the US Deep South; Tanzania; Kenya; Ethiopia; Cameroon; Malawi; India; Cambodia; and Russia conducting research and interventions.


Title Number Level Semester Requirements Fulfilled
Global Health Ethics

Ethical issues of conducting research on or working with marginalized/stigmatized populations,
using theoretical frameworks and case studies. Investigations of ethical choices made by
multinational, national and local policymakers, clinicians, and researchers and their impact on
individuals, families and communities. Emphasis on working with community partners in developing needs
assessment programs. Topics include: differential standards of care; protection of human subjects;
access to essential medicines; genetic information and confidentiality; pharmaceutical development;
health information technology; placebo controlled trials; best outcomes vs. distributive justice.

Course Notes:
Permission required. GLHLTH 150 or equivalent GH knowledge required. Priority given to Global Health Certificate students.
Was: GLHLTH 151
UG Only FALL 2015 MAJOR: Focused Study
MAJOR: Focused Study
MAJOR: Core – Ethics
MINOR: Ethics


Recent Publications

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