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Anvita Bhardwaj

Data Technician

Trent 213
(919) 613-6226

Anvita Bhardwaj is a Data Technician with Dr. Brandon Kohrt and a part of the Nepal Mental Health Research Group. In her role she supports NIMH funded projects focused on reducing barriers to task sharing, reducing mental health stigma among health workers, along with mHealth endeavors in Nepal, and other projects that relate to the field of Global Mental Health. Anvita supports the projects through data entry for quantitative research, qualitative data coding, literature reviews, and assisting in forging collaborative bonds with students and other researchers. Anvita graduated in May 2015 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.S. in Psychology and then proceeded to get a Certificate in Health Studies from Cornell University in May 2016 before joining DGHI.

Favorite Country I've traveled to and why: Turkey, I loved experiencing the fusion of cultures from Europe and Asia from a modern and historical perspective.

Why I'm interested in global health: I feel that it is important for a physician to be able to take the pulse of a community as well as a patient. I hope to one day become a physician, and through global health I can further understand the intersection of culture and medicine.

Anvita Bhardwaj