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Information Technology

John Carbuccia

IT Support

Trent 020
(919) 681-7878

I provide technical and customer support for DGHI and the Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research, including troubleshooting email and desktop issues, setting up for video conferencing, connectivity issues, operating system problems, various enterprise applications and assisting when needed with a variety of desktop software packages.

In between offering support you may see me at my desk grabbing a quick bite or deeply absorbed in an online training to keep my skills and knowledge sharp and up-to-date in order to provide you with the best IT support possible.

John has been married 19 years, he and his wife early in their marriage served as missionaries in the Dominican Republic. Afterwards they moved to Durham and started their family. They have two teenagers, Johnson and Lydia.

To start a conversation with me, ask me: About my family, computers or movies!

Favorite activity/ hobby outside of work: Taking family vacations, playing video games and catching up on recent movies I've missed.

Favorite country I've traveled to and why: Although born in America, I spent my early years growing up in the Dominican Republic...I love the way of life, very simple where most people find pleasure in spending times with family and friends enjoying tasty Caribbean food, listening to music, dancing and a favorite pasttime, playing dominoes. The tropical environment is very relaxing and it feels like your on vacation year round with sunny days and cool ocean breeze at night. Not to mention the cost of living is very affordable!

Recent book I read: Currently reading The Bible.

Favorite food: Rice and beans with well-seasoned meat and a salad.

Why I'm interested in global health: I appreciate being in America where we have access to the very best health care and I feel every person deserves that. I want to make a difference in helping my fellow man here and around the world by using my knowledge and abilities in being bilingual, understanding that my knowledge with technology is a catalyst to get that help around the world more efficiently and as a former missionary I realize that even the smallest sacrifices we make to reach out and help others can be life giving and life changing and that is very fulfilling.

Carbuccia, John