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Ann Lore

Senior Manager, International Partnerships

Trent 206
(919) 681-7220

I am responsible for coordinating DGHI's partnership with the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development in the startup and implementation of the Amsterdam Health and Technology Institute. With major support from the City of Amsterdam and a consortium of global universities and private companies, and with substantial guidance from our faculty, this Institute will work to develop and demonstrate innovative models of graduate education, the smart use of technology in the cost-effective improvement of community health, community-wide data dashboards for the identification and evaluation of various healthcare innovations and the mentoring of young healthcare entrepreneurs. The Institute will also coordinate the identification and development of "living labs" in at least 4 locations around the world, which will serve as regional hubs for innovation and research.

To start a conversation with me, ask me: about dog rescue

Something interesting most people don't know about me: I have a commercial pilots license with an instrument rating, and am licensed to fly in Australia!

Favorite activity/ hobby outside of work: photography and dog rescue

Favorite country I've traveled to and why: the continent of Antarctica

Anna Lore