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Bridges to Rural Pregnancy Care Intern


2016-10-17 00:16:13 - 2017-04-28 00:16:13

Project Objectives

Bridges to Rural Pregnancy Care is 3 year grant funded to increase access to Women's Infant and Childrens (WIC), prenatal care, and follow up postpartum. Grant directly addresses barriers to care such as access to transportation and follow up postpartum in Rural North Carolina.

Primary Faculty Mentor: Tara Ilsley Murillo, MPH (UNC)

Project Opportunities

Project Activities: 1 placement available. Assisting with implementing rural pregnancy grant inclusive of meeting with community members, engaging the community, assisting with marketing, project management and capacity building. Goal is to increase number of participants in program and have increased understanding of barriers of care in rural setting.

Project Application Process

Opportunity is flexible. At least 3 month commitment.

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest and CV to gh-education@duke.edu with subject line (Bridges to Rural Pregnancy Care Intern)

Project Selection Criteria


Spanish speaking preferred but not required. Area of interest, public health. Junior year or higher.

Project Application Deadline


Project Placements Available


Project Status


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