DGHI Responds to COVID-19

How we are working to meet the needs of a global health crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest public health crisis of our time, creating an urgent need for new ideas across all dimensions of healthcare delivery and policy. As an interdisciplinary institute that brings together expertise from all areas of the Duke community, DGHI is advancing critical research on issues related to the pandemic, including the development of strategies and therapies to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 and exploration of tools and knowledge that can help prevent future disease outbreaks.

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DGHI Pilot Grants Support Innovative Pandemic Projects

Research will address key issues such as vaccine distribution, pathogen detection and the mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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If Rich Countries Don't Share Their Vaccines, the Pandemic Could Stretch on for Years

Commuters in masks in Hanoi, Vietnam, April 2020
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How Some Asian Countries Beat Back COVID-19

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Research News

Will Low-Income Countries Be Left Behind When COVID-19 Vaccines Arrive?

Areas of Focus

Biology, genetics and detection

DGHI researchers, in partnership with infectious disease experts at Duke Kunshan University in China and Uke-NUS Medical School in Singapore, were among the first to study the SARS-CoV-2 virus and identify key genetic features that have facilitated the development of  novel testing and detection strategies.

Featured experts:

Linfa Wang

Linfa Wang

Professor & Director, Emerging Infectious Diseases Program

Development of vaccines and therapies

Institute researchers are working on the frontlines of clinical treatment of COVID-19 patients, including clinical trials of new drugs and strategies. Several other DGHI affiliates are working closely with the Duke Human Vaccine Institute to study development of a COVID vaccine.

Featured experts:

Chris Woods

Chris Woods

Executive Director, Hubert-Yeargan Center for Global Health

Policy analysis and evaluation

DGHI’s policy experts are helping identify and shape the most effective strategies for controlling the spread of the virus, allocating healthcare resources and mitigatingdisparities in care. Led by DGHI’s Center for Policy Impact in Global Health, our experts have been tapped for in-the-moment advice and analysis by global decision-makers, including the World Health Organization, the World Bank and the U.S. National Academy of Medicine.

Featured experts:

Headshot of Gavin Yamey

Gavin Yamey

Associate Director for Policy, Duke Global Health Institute

Effects of COVID-19 on vulnerable communities

With the institute’s breadth of expertise in maternal and child health, mental health and socioeconomic factors in healthcare, one of the unique aspects of DGHI’s COVID-19 research is our work to understand how the pandemic is affecting vulnerable communities and populations around the world.

Featured experts:

Eve Puffer

Eve Puffer

Assistant Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience and Global Health

We are not doing nearly enough to tell people about the importance of getting a COVID-19 vaccine when one becomes available.

DGHI assistant professor Lavanya Vasudevan

See Lavanya Vasudevan's article

Read her op-ed about how to build public confidence in a COVID-19 vaccine in the Miami Herald.

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