Executive Committee

DGHI is overseen by an Executive Committee composed of 15-20 faculty members appointed by the Chancellor and Provost for a two-year term, renewable twice. The Committee represents the major units of the university participating in the Institute’s work, including two students representing the Student Council.

Responsibilities of the Executive Committee include:

  • Participating in setting the Institute’s strategies and priorities
  • Advising on new programs and faculty recruiting
  • Monitoring the Institute’s progress
  • Serving as advocates and ambassadors of the Institute with their respective Schools
  • Reviewing Institutional Partners of the Institute
Namesort descending School or Department
Angela O'Rand Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
Arti Rai School of Law
Ashutosh Chilkoti Pratt School of Engineering
Bob Cook-Deegan IGSP Center for Genome Ethics, Law & Policy
Coleen Cunningham Pediatrics
David Bell Interim Director, Franklin Humanities Institute
David Toole Divinity School
Elizabeth Frankenberg Sanford School of Public Policy
Eric Peterson Division of Cardiology
Erika Weinthal Nicholas School of the Environment
Gil Merkx Vice Provost, International Affairs
Jeffrey Vincent Nicholas School of the Environment
Joy Liu Undergraduate Student - Sanford School of Public Policy
Kent Weinhold Immunology & Surgery Sciences
Kevin Schulman Fuqua School of Business, School of Medicine
Michael Relf School of Nursing
Philip Cook Sanford School of Public Policy
Ralph Corey Hubert-Yeargan Center for Global Health
Raphael Valdivia Not available
Robert Malkin Pratt School of Engineering
Truls Ostbye Department of Community and Family Medicine
Victoria Rendell Graduate Student - School of Medicine