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In Summer 2020, the Duke Global Health Institute responded to glaring health-related racial and socio- economic disparities by developing the Equity Task Force (ETF) to explore its current policies, procedures, and practices and their impact on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

The ETF, comprising global health faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni. Formed six groups to explore the inner workings of DGHI and how practices help or hinder diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in employment, education and partnership. The working groups focused on Education, Internal Operations, External Operations and Communications, Global Partnerships and Priority Partner Locations, Centers and Labs, and Faculty.

As a global health institute, we stand against racism and the structural forces that have left so many people marginalized.

Shenglan Tang — DGHI deputy director

Equity Task Force Final Report

Equity Task Force Report cover graphicThe ETF’s final report, gives an overview of the methodology followed by the Equity Task Force to develop short, intermediate and long-term goals. It outlines priorities and final overall recommendations, suggested responsible parties, and quarterly timelines for task completion offered by the ETF, DGHI unit leaders, and senior leadership.

A key recommendation of the ETF is to convene a smaller Equity Implementation Team (EIT) to focus on collaborating with unit leads and senior leadership to execute ETF recommendations, develop accountability measures, and research best practices for diversity and equity work in academia. The EIT will assist DGHI in being a leader in successful and sustainable diversity implementation across university institutes and centers and Duke University as a whole.

Who was on the Equity Task Force at DGHI?

The overall purpose of the Equity Task Force is to propose Institute wide recommendations and work with team leaders to enact changes that address the current structural inequities related to global power dynamics, race, ethnicity, gender, and all marginalized identities.

Chaired by Kathryn Whetten, DGHI’s associate director for community and culture, and Kimberly McNeil, director of diversity and inclusion, the task force recommended and implemented concrete actions to improve equity, diversity and inclusion in all facets of the institute’s work: curriculum, recruitment and hiring practices, student admissions, research programs, and engagement with partners and communities around the world.

The task force was made up of volunteers from across the Duke Global Health Institute community, including students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Equity Task Force subcommittees

Maya Stephens (staff), Sara LeGrand (faculty)
Members: Anna Tupetz (alum), Brittany Zick (alum), Jia Yao (staff), Kaitlyn Friedman (alum)

Alonzo Felder (staff), Mary Brophy Marcus (staff), Sarah Martin (staff)
Members: Aleena Bhasin (alum), Denzell Faison (alum), Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell (faculty), Elizabeth Aimone (student)

Melissa Manus (alum), Kaitlin Quick (student), Aasha Henderson (student), Jay Pearson (faculty), Joe Egger (faculty)
Members: Kearsley Stewart (faculty), Emily Robie (alum), Beth Eanelli (alum), Alyssa Corley (fellow), Cordelia Kenney (student), Siddhesh Zadey (student), Yihuan Lai (alum), Anu Sharma (alum)

Gavin Yamey (faculty), Shashika Bandara (former staff/alum), Margaret Lillie (staff/alum)
Members: Catherine Stanton (faculty), Jeffrey Moe (faculty), Joao Ricardo Nickenig Vissoci (faculty), William (Bill) Pan (faculty) 

Kelly Deal (staff), Tra Tran (alum), Asma Mirza (alum)
Members: Vivien Needham (staff), Ali Murad Büyüm (student), Kevin Klock (alum), Paige O’Leary (student)

Alexandra Kyermaten (alum), Sumi Ariely (faculty), Lysa MacKeen (staff)
Members: Sharla Rent (student), Dilani Logan (alum), Hiwot Zewdie (student), Emily Boundaone (alum), Victoria Kyerematen (alum), Marwa Aly (alum), Irene Felsman (faculty)


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