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Why did DGHI form an Equity Task Force?

The Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI) launched an Equity Task Force in June 2020 to identify and address structural inequities related to race, gender and all marginalized identities across its research, education and outreach missions.

Chaired by Kathryn Whetten, DGHI’s associate director for community and culture, and Kimberly McNeil, director of diversity and inclusion, the task force recommends and implements concrete actions to improve equity, diversity and inclusion in all facets of the institute’s work: curriculum, recruitment and hiring practices, student admissions, research programs, and engagement with partners and communities around the world.

As a global health institute, we stand against racism and the structural forces that have left so many people marginalized.

Shenglan Tang — DGHI deputy director

“As a global health institute, we stand against racism and the structural forces that have left so many people marginalized,” says DGHI deputy director Shenglan Tang.

“But saying it isn’t enough. We need to be sure our practices and actions are consistent with these values.”

The task force is working to advance equity within the institute and in the global health community. It works closely with DGHI’s Community, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which will continue to offer ways for faculty, staff and students to reflect on issues of equity and unconscious bias. It also advises DGHI leadership on policies and practices that can advance equity, such as exploring ways to enhance voice and participation from global partners.

Another aim of the task force will be to facilitate implementation of recommendations made by the Decolonizing Global Health working group, a student-led initiative that calls for a greater focus on global health’s links to colonialism and structural biases in courses, as well as increased focus on anti-racism training and discussion. The task force also studies recommendations made in a letter submitted to DGHI on June 9 and signed by more than 100 Duke global health students and alumni, which called on the institute to take new steps to address historical and current inequities and biases in its education and research programs.

Who is on the Equity Task Force at DGHI?

The task force is made up of volunteers from across the Duke Global Health Institute community, including current students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Equity Task Force subcommittees

Maya Stephens (staff), Sara LeGrand (faculty)
Members: Anna Tupetz (alum), Brittany Zick (alum), Jia Yao (staff), Kaitlyn Friedman (alum)

Alonzo Felder (staff), Mary Brophy Marcus (staff), Sarah Martin (staff)
Members: Aleena Bhasin (alum), Denzell Faison (alum), Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell (faculty), Elizabeth Aimone (student)

Melissa Manus (alum), Kaitlin Quick (student), Aasha Henderson (student), Jay Pearson (faculty), Joe Egger (faculty)
Members: Kearsley Stewart (faculty), Emily Robie (alum), Beth Eanelli (alum), Alyssa Corley (fellow), Cordelia Kenney (student), Siddhesh Zadey (student), Yihuan Lai (alum), Anu Sharma (alum)

Gavin Yamey (faculty), Shashika Bandara (former staff/alum), Margaret Lillie (staff/alum)
Members: Catherine Stanton (faculty), Jeffrey Moe (faculty)

Kelly Deal (staff), Tra Tran (alum), Asma Mirza (alum)
Members: Ali Murad Büyüm (student), Kevin Klock (alum), Paige O’Leary (student)

Alexandra Kyermaten (alum), Sumi Ariely (faculty), Lysa MacKeen (staff)
Members: Sharla Rent (student), Dilani Logan (alum), Hiwot Zewdie (student), Emily Boundaone (alum), Victoria Kyerematen (alum), Marwa Aly (alum), Irene Felsman (faculty)


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