Duke-Peking University Global Health Diploma

Peking University and Duke University are quickly becoming recognized leaders in global health. Both universities have demonstrated serious and long-lasting commitments to global health education, research, and service.

Duke faculty share the methodological expertise with their Chinese colleagues and complement these with an understanding of the major global health issues that various regions of the world are facing; the role and necessity of a broad spectrum of academic disciplines in addressing the very complex global health problems that challenge our globe today; health determinants, from genetics to individual life histories to communities and local and regional policies; and an understanding of the structure and finance of health systems and their historical underpinnings.

Teaching Global Health in China

The Global Health Diploma program is comprised of four courses co-taught by faculty at both universities and a final paper or project.Each year, 35-40 Chinese graduate students and professionals participate in the program. The two-week program takes place in Beijing and is a partnership between DGHI and Peking University Health Science Center.


  • Introduction to Global Health Issues and Metrics
  • Comparative Structure and Finance of Health Systems
  • Health Promotion
  • Global Health Ethics

How to Apply

Application and selection are managed by Peking University Health Science Center. Chinese students interested in the program can learn more in the spring of each year.