Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI) is committed to training the next generation of scholars who will lead innovative global health programs, conduct cutting-edge research, and work to reduce global health disparities.  Working with schools, departments, centers, and other institutes across campus, DGHI supports a focused portfolio of research priorities on emerging global health themes, and facilitates and supports interdisciplinary programs and collaboration in the areas of research, education, service and policy.

To further its research mission, DGHI began supporting postdoctoral fellows in July 2008.  To date, DGHI has supported multiple postdoctoral fellows with varying specialties and geographic areas of interest.  Each fellow works under the mentorship of a DGHI Faculty Member or other Duke faculty whose research focuses on one or more of DGHI’s research priorities. Currently, postdoctoral fellowships are linked directly to DGHI and faculty funding and are subject to availability of that funding.  

DGHI has supported postdoctoral fellows with varying specialties and geographic areas of interest. Each fellow works under the mentorship of a DGHI faculty member or other Duke faculty.


Activities of the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program include:

  • Monitoring and highlighting the success and accomplishments of current and past DGHI postdoctoral fellows;
  • Linking DGHI postdoctoral fellows with other postdoctoral fellows on campus, including those working with DGHI faculty but not supported directly by the Institute;
  • Working with DGHI postdoctoral fellows to coordinate the DGHI Journal Club and other DGHI activities (e.g., Geographic Information Systems short course organized by a post-doctoral fellow for MScGH students held in fall 2011);
  • Identifying additional funding sources to help sustain the program;
  • Linking postdoctoral fellows to DGHI faculty, DGHI doctoral scholars, medical residents and students, MScGH students, and undergraduate students;
  • Developing a global program of fellows, targeting key sites such as China, India, and other countries.


Current and former DGHI postdoctoral fellows:

  • Bonnie Kaiser, PhD, 2015-2016, Research Priority: Global Health Humanities
  • Andrew Case, PhD, 2014-2015, Research Priority: Global Mental Health
  • Andrea Hobkirk, PhD, 2013-2014, Research Priority: Substance Abuse, Mental Health
  • Archana Lamichhane, PhD, 2011-2012, Research Priority: Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Nina Yamanis, PhD, 2009-2011, Research Priority: Gender & Health
  • Jennifer Toller Erausquin, PhD, 2009-2011, Research Priority: Gender & Health
  • Eve Puffer, PhD, 2008-2010, Research Priority: Gender & Health


Eve Puffer was DGHI’s first postdoctoral fellow. She is now assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience and global health at Duke.


Kelly Deal
Research Analyst II

Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities

DGHI-Affiliated Postdoctoral Fellows
DGHI invites affiliated postdoctoral fellows to request financial support for global health research.

Priority Deadline: March 18, 2016