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One of the best parts of working at DGHI is opportunities to visit and work with our partners across the world! This week #DGHI director Chris Plowe and a few of his @dukeuniversity and @dukehealth colleagues are in Tanzania and Kenya. Here, he’s talking with Saka Saka, the KCMC-Duke Collaboration Lab Manager at KCRI Biotechnology Lab, as DGHI research director John Bartlett looks on. PC: Jamie Mills

Stay tuned for more photos from their visit!

#DukeIsEverywhere #BlueDevilsInTheField
#DorisDuke selfie! Last week, #DGHI’s Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellowship coordinator Lysa MacKeen and DGHI prof Dennis Clements headed to the Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellowship end of year conference at @yale with “old” and “new” fellows. (back, L to R) Lysa, new fellow Aarti Thakkar, Dennis, 2017-18 fellows Emma Fixsen and Temi Gafaar, and (front, L to R) new fellow Helen Li and 2017-18 fellow Casey Silver.

REPOST: PC #GlobalHealth student @helenamerk: In this photo, members of the @duke_deid team interview a private doctor. We’re working in northern #Madagascar to design a clean water pipeline for a small village whose current only source is a polluted river. We’ve been visiting as many members of the communities as possible to gauge water usage information and prevalence of disease. 
Right before taking the picture, the doctor explained how disease prevalence has dramatically decreased in the village 1km away since the tap system was built. Interviews like these have helped us understand the water needs of  the community and additional interviews in nearby villages have given us insight to what future challenges will be in Manantenina. 
#DukeIsEverywhere #BlueDevilsInTheField #DGHIfieldwork
REPOST @sarah.philo357 : In Sri Lanka today, I [a recent #DukeMScGH grad!] and some of the students in the #GlobalHealth in Context course being run by #DGHI, #uva_amsterdam, and the University of Ruhuna had the opportunity to shadow a Public Health Midwife (PHM) as she visited some of her patients. PHMs in Sri Lanka provide valuable health services to their patients, ranging from antenatal and postnatal care, early child care, to #ReproductiveHealth and #FamilyPlanning counseling, to name a few. The government provides each PHM with a motorcycle to ensure she is able to make her visits. The midwives’ presence in Sri Lanka has helped reduce #MaternalMortality rates and increased access to reproductive and sexual health for women and girls throughout the country.
#DukeIsEverywhere #BlueDevilsInTheField @dukeglobaled
#DukeMScGH student Xiaoxu Ding (center) with #DGHI prof Lauren Franz (left) and University of Cape Town collaborator Petrus DeVries at an #autism research retreat in Stellenbosch, South Africa, hosted by the Center for Autism Research in Africa (CARA). Xiaoxu is doing her master’s fieldwork with Franz this summer.
#DukeIsEverywhere #BlueDevilsInTheField
From #DGHI prof Eric Green (center left) via Twitter: “Just finished Liberia’s first (one of the first?) R workshops with @theirc staff. Lots of fun! Thanks for having me.” From DGHI: “Schnazzy shirts, guys!” #DukeIsEverywhere #BlueDevilsInTheField #FacultyInAction
Chris Lam MS'12, now a @dukeengineering PhD student & #DGHI doctoral scholar, is in the process of changing the game for women at risk of #CervicalCancer in low-income settings. He and his team are developing the Pocket Colposcope, a portable, low-cost screening device that puts the power of diagnosis in the hands of the community. He and Rachel Barrera of the Duke Center for Global Women's Health Technologies recently went to Honduras to train clinicians on using the device. In this photo, a study clinician is practicing focusing the Pocket Colposcope at Los Pinos San Benito Clinic as Chris and Rachel look on.
#DukeIsEverywhere #ReproductiveHealth #WomensHealth @dukegradschool @dukealumni @dogdaysindurham
Shout-out to one of our recent grads, @maleeeeeen, who has received a @the_fulbright_program scholarship to conduct research on #familyplanning and #reproductivehealth among Syrian refugees and Jordanian healthcare providers in Jordan starting this fall. Malena will be conducting this research in collaboration with the @university.of.jordan.ju School of Nursing Sciences. Malena is excited to return to Jordan, where she conducted her master’s thesis fieldwork last summer. Watch the video to learn more about her master’s research and join us in congratulating her on her Fulbright!
#DGHIproud #ClassOf2018 
@dukeuniversity @dukealumni @dukegradschool
Our 4-week undergrad global health course, Global Health in Context: Sri Lanka, kicks off today with students from @DukeU & @uva_amsterdam in Galle. Great example of a 3-way university collaboration (incl. University of Ruhuna in Galle, one of #DGHI’s priority partners) to help students transfer classroom learning to the real world! PC: Laura Bey.

#DukeInSriLanka #BlueDevilsInTheField #DukeIsEverywhere @dukestudents @DukeGlobalEd
Leah Schrumpf (right) & Maya Stephens (left) are spending their summer examining #FamilyPlanning use and the role #CMWs play in usage of family planning within the rural communities of Ghana’s Amansie West district. In this pic, they’re with Eric Akosah, Regional Community Health Worker Program Coordinator, out in the field pre-testing their household survey. “We got to observe Eric explaining our mission to the community leader and the importance of the community entry process,” said Leah. Read Leah’s blog post, “There’s No ‘I’ in Research,” by following the link in our profile.
@leahanne8 @lifeismaya @dukestudents 
#BlueDevilsInTheField #DGHIfieldwork #DukeIsEverywhere #DevilsInTheWorld #DukeSummer #DukeResearch
Join the nearly 200K viewers who have checked out the fabulous @ted talk by TED Fellow and #DGHI prof Susan Emmett about the burden of global #hearingloss and how she and her colleagues are addressing this often curable or preventable problem. Currently, they’re working with 15 communities in rural Alaska to create a simple, low-cost test that requires only a cell phone. Click on the link in our profile to watch the talk!
REPOST @duke_sanford_goes_global: Global Health fellow, Kaitlyn Friedman, has hit the ground running at her internship with the @who. Pictured is Kaitlyn presenting at a WHO Road Safety event and killing the summer internship game! #SanfordGoesGlobal #Geneva #WHO
Proud of our #DukeMScGH student @kaitlyn1326 ! Photo by Kaitlyn’s internship supervisor, Dr. Melecki Khayesi.
#DukeIsEverywhere #WHA18
June 21, 2018

Check out these brief narratives by Duke undergrads who are now embarking on postgraduate international fellowships--including a few with global health ties. They share what's inspired them as undergraduates and how they got to where they're going.

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June 20, 2018

WATCH: Go behind the scenes with CDC's disease detectives, who "go [into the field] prepared for anything, because the diseases they study are some of the deadliest on earth." What do they need to get the job done? Bat traps ... GPS trackers ... snake chaps ... squirt guns ... UV water filters and more!

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June 19, 2018

"It's a very thin line between being a humanitarian, a brilliant physician and a complete nitwit." In this TEDxDuke talk, DGHI professor Neil Prose considers what's important in the doctor-patient conversation in the 21st Century. The key, he says, is cultivating curiosity. Listen to the talk for more nuggets of wisdom, including one surprising recommendation for doctors. Duke Health Humanities Lab

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June 18, 2018

Despite a huge national anti-polio campaign and only one case of polio this year, Pakistan faces an uphill battle in getting to zero with the disease. Why? Vaccinators sometimes face violence and "vaccination fatigue" can set in. Learn more in this NPR story:

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June 14, 2018

"While [vaccine] stockpiles are essential, they remain only part of the solution ... our best defense will be anticipating outbreaks before they occur." This could involve initiatives like boosting childhood immunizations, improving sanitation infrastructure and increasing capacity for basic diagnostics and surveillance. Read more about the why's and how's of preventing pandemics here!

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June 13, 2018

It may look magical when you see a great speaker on the TED stage, but behind that magic is often dozens, maybe hundreds of hours of preparation to hone the message that wows the audience. DGHI and Duke Surgery professor Susan Emmett has been there. Read about her experience and check out her TED talk here!

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