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REPOST @dukebassconnections: Applications are OPEN for fifteen 2018-19 Bass Connections project teams--including Documenting #Durham’s Health History: Understanding the Roots of #HealthDisparities! Click on the link in our bio to learn more. Applications are due August 23. 
#localisglobal #dukestudents #dukeresearch
Today, we got to spend more time with our new friends at the Majengo Clinic in Moshi, Tanzania, to get a behind-the-scenes peek at the prep session for tomorrow’s #HIV education lesson at Teen Club, an intervention for teens and young adults living with HIV. Teen Club brings together more than 100 teens each month for education sessions, art/music/dancing/role-playing activities, clinic check-ups, counseling and just catching up with friends. Participants tell us that one of the best things about Teen Club is that connecting with others their age who share similar challenges makes them feel less isolated. It also boosts their confidence and motivates them to stay committed to taking their medication. The project is co-led by #DGHI prof Dorothy Dow (last 2 photos) in collaboration with partners at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre. Also pictured in photo 3 is @saharaalm, a #DukeMScGH student who's working with Dorothy on the project. 
#DukeIsEverywhere #LivingWithHIV #partnership #MentalHealth #changemakers #BeTheChange
This week, we met with the youth leaders of an #HIV education curriculum for teens and young adults living with HIV in Moshi, #Tanzania. One of them (far right) had the whole room laughing as he demonstrated an “energizer activity” that incorporates body movement, hand gestures and—of all things—math! We had a great time talking with them about the need for #MentalHealth interventions for youth with HIV and how Teen Club, the intervention, is helping the participants understand and cope with their disease. We learned a lot in the process, and their passion was contagious!
#DukeIsEverywhere #LivingWithHIV #partnership
Today we had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Ema Msuya, a social worker and advocate for youth living with #HIV in Moshi, Tanzania, and across the world. Ema is passionate about helping children, teens and young adults live their best life and fighting #stigma against people with HIV. He started his own non-profit organization--Simama Family Support--to strengthen and empower at-risk families to stay together. Ema has played an active role in one of our collaborative research projects by helping teens with HIV find their voices through the arts. We loved having the opportunity to talk with this inspiring young man!

#activist #partnership #youthadvocate #makingadifference #bethechange #changemaker
Such a delight to see Dr. Blandina Mmbaga, director of Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute, in action leading the weekly Duke-KCMC collaboration meeting, where nearly 50 local partners gather to check in about our many joint research projects. She's joined here by KCMC partnership coordinator Vera Wright and #DGHI professor Matt Rubach, who's based full-time in Moshi. Check out today's Insta story for more Moshi pics!

#WhataSmile #DukeIsEverywhere #GlobalHealth
Follow us (#DGHI communications) here in Moshi, Tanzania, this week as we film videos showcasing a few of our research projects with long-time collaborators at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre. We had a great time today talking with youth leaders working with teens and young adults living with #HIV! Big shout out to our impromptu production assistant Revo (pictured here)--a Tanzanian Duke student--for helping us with setup and translation!

#BlueDevilsInTheField #DukeIsEverywhere #Partnership #GlobalHealth #IbisEyeImages
A team of @dukebassconnections students counted 120 separate active artisanal gold mining operations along a 250-kilometer stretch of the Madre de Dios River in the Peruvian Amazon. From the information and research they've gathered so far, they were able to roughly estimate the amount of #mercury released into the environment from just that small section of the river. Their estimate? 880 kilograms of mercury—or the weight of a giraffe. Yikes!!! Read their recent blog post to learn more about artisanal and small-scale gold mining and the devastating environmental effect it's having in Peru.

#DukeIsEverywhere #DukeResearch #BlueDevilsInTheField
Improvisation is key when it comes to fieldwork! This @dukebassconnections #Honduras team wanted to make sure their focus group participants found their way to the session, and their handmade signs worked beautifully! Working under their advisor, #DGHI's Lavanya Vasudevan, the team is working with local partner @clinicaesperanzaroatan and the Offices of the Secretariat of Health to create an #mHealth system for better routine #immunization data in Honduras.

#DukeIsEverywhere #BlueDevilsInTheField
The first thing #DukeMScGH student Courtney Wimberly did when she got to her guesthouse in Galle, #SriLanka, was whip out her #yoga mat. Since then, she's practiced nearly every day. She writes:

If I’m confused, anxious, irritated, experiencing a creative block, or just need a little self-care that neither a book nor streaming a series can provide, I go to my mat. There I feel most like myself. Most in tune with the moment.

I seek to bring this same awareness to my experiences here in Sri Lanka, to be present and fully engaged with the task at hand, whether it be collecting data, meeting with my onsite supervisor, eating out with colleagues, or speaking with a local on the bus. Be present. Pay attention, and there’s no telling what you’ll discover.

Pictured are a couple of snapshots from Galle, including the Faculty of Medicine building at the University of Ruhuna, one of our long-time research/education partners.

Read more of Courtney's reflections by clicking on the link in our bio!

#DukeIsEverywhere #BlueDevilsInTheField #DGHI #fieldwork #bepresent
#DukeMScGH student @beth.eanelli recently took us on a glorious visual tour of her community in The Gambia, where she's researching solar technology and light and its impact on midwives and health workers who are conducting deliveries in rural areas. She's been interviewing midwives about some of the barriers to care women face when delivering and how light and electricity affect health workers’ quality of care. Beth has enjoyed her fieldwork, but she's especially happy to have this opportunity to visit and reconnect with friends she met while volunteering with the @peacecorps in a nearby community a few years ago! Want more of these gorgeous photos? Hop over to @dukeglobalbaton, where she took over the account for a whole week! 
#DukeIsEverywhere #BlueDevilsInTheField #DukeStudents
#DukeMScGH student Mary Brannock and her team in Nairobi are working to create a pregnancy support chatbot. Mary writes: “We have been conducting focus groups to better understand the attitudes and preferences pregnant women in #Kenya have towards this type of innovation. Pictured are (L to R) @jacarandahealth's measurement & evaluation associate, research assistant and myself after our last design focus group. I'm especially excited to deploy the innovation after we adjust the bot based on the focus group input and see how it's perceived!” #dukeiseverywhere #bluedevilsinthefield #dukestudents #healthinnovation #mhealth
An amazing team repping @dukeuniversity at #devx2018—we spy folks from the Duke Global Health Innovation Center, the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health and DGHI’s Evidence Lab!
August 14, 2018

ON THE BLOG: "In my photos, you can feel the happiness, the pride, the humility and the kindness of each individual in each moment. It’s contagious. It’s inspiring. It’s emotional. But as much as I want to share it all with you, I hesitate to press 'share' as I scroll through my camera roll." Junior Niisoja Torto reflects on the complexities and nuances of sharing experiences through images.

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August 13, 2018

Regardless of whether orphans and separated children are placed with extended family members or in institutions, the one thing they need is a stable living situation with a family-like environment, says Kate Whetten, a DGHI professor and director of the Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research. Whetten was quoted in a recent NPR article highlighting an orphanage in Honduras that epitomizes this model. Learn more:

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August 10, 2018

VIDEO: Two villages at the base of Marojejy National Park in northeast Madagascar depend on a polluted river as their only source of water ... but it's time they get access to this basic human right. Learn more about their efforts, aided by a team of Duke University student researchers (video by global health student Helena Merk):

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August 09, 2018

Global health master's student Beth Eanelli recently took us on a glorious visual tour of her fieldwork community in The Gambia, where she's researching solar technology and light and its impact on midwives and health workers who are conducting deliveries in rural areas. She's been interviewing midwives about some of the barriers to care women face when delivering and how light and electricity affect health workers’ quality of care. Check out these incredible fieldwork snapshots!

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August 08, 2018

We're so excited for the 2018 Triangle Global Health Consortium annual conference--Innovation for Global Health Impact--on 9/27! Registration is now open, and trust us: you don't want to miss this event! Early bird rate is available till 9/7, and students and consortium members also get discounts. Learn more and register:

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August 07, 2018

DGHI has hosted the Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellows for the past six years. We are proud to welcome three new fellows for the 2018-19 academic year! Read more about them and their work on our website!

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