Blackout in Tamale...

September 23, 2014
Storm rolling in over Tamale.

Lauren Hess, Lydia VanWormer & Adam Smith
Bass Connections

Dr. Morgan spent the day working with the distance-based students to acclimate and familiarize them with the tablets. They caught on very quickly! He was surprised at how tech-savvy they already were when navigating the tablets. By the end of the day, they had already set up ways to share information and resources among themselves. The Ghanaian anesthesia students are all very willing to help each other and work as a team, which is key to succeeding in a difficult program.

The 400-level traditional, campus-based students (equivalent to senior students) had great discussions and collaboration in their lecture sessions. Dr. Jane Blood-Siegfried began the day with Pediatric Physiology, laying the foundation for a successful pediatric day. Duke Nurse Anesthesia Students, Lauren, Adam, and Lydia led lectures and discussions on Pediatric Airway & Management and Principles of Pediatric Anesthesia. We learned a great deal from these discussions about the way anesthesia is done here in Ghana. Many of these students are currently practicing as nurse anesthetists with a diploma degree, and they had a lot of wisdom and experience to share.

During dinner that evening, back at our home base, a scenic thunderstorm left us powerless for three hours. We were mid chicken-and-rice bite when the blackout hit. We ate the rest of our meal by cellphone light, which set the tone for a jolly sing-a-long followed by deep philosophical conversations. Good things can definitely emerge from darkness! We all ended up having one of the best evenings yet, and bonded as a team. To our luck, the generator kicked on just in time for us to turn in for the night with air conditioned rooms and charging cellphones.  

Happy Dukies here in Tamale!