Wiz kids at the Quiz Bowl

January 30, 2015
Team #4, the Quiz bowl winners modeling their prizes!
Team #4, the Quiz bowl winners modeling their prizes!

Rebecca Swensen
Bass Connections

Dr. Kayla Bryan started off the day today with the distance-learning students and discussed multiple techniques for Regional anesthesia including IV regional anesthesia, known as a Bier block, axillary approach to the brachial plexus, ankle block, and digital blocks.  Some of the students already perform digital blocks and everyone was very interested and excited to learn about these techniques and to begin utilizing them at their hospitals.

Dr. Morgan was able to bring a BIS monitor to donate to the Tamale Teaching Hospital and Dr. Bryan brought some BIS strips for them to utilize as well with plans to send the hospital more for future use.  Christopher was a great sport and performed not only as the regional landmarks model but volunteered to be the model for demonstrating the BIS monitor as well.  By his BIS of 95-97, we certainly confirmed that he wasn’t sleeping on the job!

During the lunch breach, Silvanas, one of the UDS Nurse Anesthesia Program faculty members, along with Sampson, one of the BSc students and he is also a nurse anesthetist at Tamale Teaching Hospital, took us on the grand tour of the hospital!  We were able to tour the GYN and OB theaters, as well as the main operating theater and ICU.  They had a lot of great monitors, anesthesia machines, and six new dialysis machines they were getting ready to start using in the ICU.  I was very impressed!  There were many similarities and also many differences than what I’m used to seeing in hospitals in the US.

We concluded our weekend with the distant students by having them compete with one another for prizes in a Quiz bowl.  The students appeared to really enjoy this part the most and we discovered that they are all fierce competitors!  Team #4 pulled out the victory and won Duke t-shirts for each member of the team.  Team #3, the runner-ups were awarded some awesome Duke pens and lanyards.  Overall the weekend was an amazing experience and I know I learned a great deal from these currently practicing nurse anesthetists. 

Our group was invited to dinner with several members of the faculty as well as the Registrar of the UDS Medical School.  We had a buffet of delectable Ghanaian dishes; chicken, beef, fish, and rice as well as some super spicy sauce!  It was a great experience being able to converse with everyone while enjoying the cuisine.