Wrapping up the week at UDS

September 26, 2014
Adam and Laura facilitating a discussion about ETCO2.

Lauren Hess, Lydia VanWormer & Adam Smith
Bass Connections

Wow! The week is already coming to an end, but the journey has definitely just begun. Adam Flowe and Laura Pace facilitated a fantastic EKG and monitor simulation experience with the distance-based students this morning. They used an interactive tablet-based app that allowed students to see and discuss the actual waveforms and implications for patient status and care. Following the simulation activity, Adam, Laura, Adam, and Lauren posed as sick operative patients and the students had to uncover their ailments through a pre-operative interview. Dr. Morgan worked with the students in pairs to ensure that they had a solid understanding of how to navigate their tablets and also collected additional foundational data. Although this team is leaving today, there will periodic on-site visits from Bass Connection team members and continuous communication between UDS and Duke students and faculty. Super-users within the class were also designated as contacts to help troubleshoot and assist their peers here in Ghana. Safe travels home to everyone involved in the program!

After leaving UDS campus, we had to stock up on souvenirs to bring back to the US! We started our collecting at the Tamale Artisan’s Market, and made out with a myriad of unique hand-crafted goods. Brightly colored baskets, bags, and clothing were the popular items among our group. A couple members bought leather sandals with soles made of tires and a handheld tambourine made with bamboo and flattened soda bottle caps. One thing the people of Ghana are not lacking is creativity!

We capped off our final evening in Tamale with dinner at the Luxury Restaurant, hosted by Robert, the Dean of the UDS School of Nursing. He and his wife own the restaurant and specialize in many traditional Ghanaian dishes that they generously provided for us to sample. They were delicious! Also on the menu, were dishes catering to the foreign visitors of Tamale. We especially loved and welcomed pizza, grilled tilapia, and spaghetti bolognese. The relaxed atmosphere and easy-going pace of the evening was perfect way to end our stay.