Pratt Pouches

Multimedia Feature: This Petite Pouch Packs a Punch

November 16, 2018

Our new multimedia feature, “This Petite Pouch Packs a Punch,” tells the story behind the Pratt Pouch, a proven method of preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission and one of the most heralded global health innovations to come out of Duke.

Pratt Pouch Being Used

Tiny Packet Is Making a Big—and Growing—Dent in Childhood HIV

August 07, 2017

Developed in 2008, the Pratt Pouch—a ketchup packet-like pouch of antiretroviral drugs—has already saved thousands of lives in Ecuador, Zambia and Tanzania. And now, its reach is expanding in Ecuador and a new initiative will bring the pouch to Uganda.

Okechi Boms Leading Workshop

Alumnus Spotlight: Okechi Boms ’16 Expands on Research with Fulbright

April 10, 2017

“I wanted to work with communities internationally to learn about their culture, understand who they are, while at the same time providing  service and advocacy,” said Okechi Boms, a 2016 alumnus. “DGHI has allowed me to seamlessly combine my interests in understanding peoples’ stories and working to improve their lives.”