Victoria Hsiung Tells Story

This Class Puts Stories at the Heart of Medicine and Health

December 09, 2018

Learning how to craft a story may be an atypical approach to preparing future health practitioners, but for Duke pediatric oncologist Ray Barfield, one of the "Storytelling in Medicine and Health" course instructors, storytelling is powerful tool that lies at the heart of medical practice.

Project team member Rayan Kaakati, a medical student, talks with refugees living in Durham.

Global Health at Home

December 09, 2018

A global health Bass Connections project brings a big-picture approach to address barriers to health for refugee families living in Durham, North Carolina.

Simulating Translation Services at Pharmacy

Students in Global Displacement Class Create Video Resources for Refugees

November 25, 2018

As part of a class called “Issues in Global Displacement,” a group of Duke undergraduates are producing a series of videos to acclimate newly resettled refugees to situations they may find linguistically or culturally challenging, such as filling a prescription or talking to a child’s teacher. 

First Cohort of MSc-GH Students at DGHI

DGHI’s Master of Science in Global Health Program Turns 10

September 23, 2018

When leaders at the Duke Global Health Institute began conceptualizing the Master of Science in Global Health program in 2007—the year after the institute was founded—they had few models to turn to for inspiration. Just over 10 years later, 229 students from 18 countries have graduated from the program.

Social Determinants of Health Team talks with Guest

Data Visualization Projects Offer Novel Lens to Explore Health Issues

August 20, 2018

Over the summer, many global health students engage in research in some capacity. Some choose to travel to one of more than 40 countries to do fieldwork; others participate in the Duke Engage or Bass Connections programs. Yet another way for students to gain valuable research experience is the Data+ program hosted by the Information Initiative at Duke.