Fieldwork Photos Collage

“Expect the Unexpected” and Other Fieldwork Insights from Students

July 10, 2018

While most of us at DGHI are spending our summer days on campus in Durham, more than 130 global health undergraduate and master’s students are applying their classroom learning to the real world in low-resource settings across the globe. We reached out to a few of these students and asked them to share their thoughts about their fieldwork experience so far.

Images of Grant Recipients

Global Health Projects Featured Prominently among Bass Connections Awards

April 16, 2018

Bass Connections, a university-wide interdisciplinary student research program, recently awarded grants to two Duke graduate students and ten undergraduates to pursue faculty-mentored research projects this summer and next year. Five of the seven funded projects are related to global health.


At DGHI, Preparing for Fieldwork Takes on a Life of its Own

April 02, 2018

With just a few weeks before the end of the semester, first-year global health master’s students at the Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI) are wrapping up their coursework. But for many of them, their minds are consumed by one giant task: preparing for summer fieldwork.


Student Spotlight: Noor Tasnim ’18 Finds Global Health Calling in Feet

March 26, 2018

Noor Tasnim, a global health and evolutionary anthropology major from Saint Petersburg, Florida, was motivated to study global health after seeing health disparities when traveling abroad. After research experiences in several more countries, Tasnim is focusing his global health studies on musculoskeletal disorders.