Multimedia Feature: Treating Teen HIV Goes Beyond Medicine

January 22, 2019

By Susan Gallagher

Assistant professor Dorothy Dow, a pediatric infectious diseases doctor, first went to Moshi, Tanzania, in 2011 to do research on preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission. But her focus soon shifted when she discovered a grim reality for adolescents with HIV: globally, AIDS-related deaths had declined by 30 percent in recent years, but among pre-teens and teens living with HIV, AIDS-related mortality had risen by 50 percent. And the circumstances in Moshi were no different. 

Dow was determined to help turn the tide for these youth, many of whom have access to medication but aren’t taking it. She wanted to figure out why.

Our new multimedia feature, “Treating Teen HIV Goes Beyond Medicine,” explores the novel approach Dow and her Tanzanian colleagues are taking to address the root of the problem:

Multimedia Feature - Treating Teen HIV Goes Beyond Medicine

Click on the image to view the multimedia feature.

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Dorothy, Sahar and Goodluck
Dorothy Dow, center, co-leads a training session for a peer-led HIV education curriculum with MS student Sahar Almarzooqi (left) and peer leader Goodluck Godson Mushi (right).

The biggest reward for me has been seeing a youth who's on the brink of death, with some adherence counseling and mental health care, start to see that they can have hope and they can have a future.

Dorothy Dow, Assistant Professor

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