Treating Third World Spine Injuries

November 14, 2008

During Engineering Week, teams of students from the Pratt School of Engineering will compete in the annual Duke Start-Up Challenge, a school-year-long competition that culminates in a $25,000 prize. One of this year’s team is planning to send already-existing medical devices for spinal injuries to Third World countries and make them available for free for patients.

Ellen Piwoz

Undernutrition: A Neglected Global Health Priority

November 11, 2008

Ellen Piwoz wasted no time in getting to the important message about undernutrition.  “We estimate that every year, there are 3.5 million child deaths due either directly or indirectly to undernutrition,” said Piwoz, who is the senior program officer for Integrated Health Solutions Development at the Global Health Program of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Fieldwork Images

Fieldwork Photos

November 04, 2008

Pictures taken during Summer 2008 Fieldwork Projects

The Reality Gap

November 04, 2008

Eve Puffer, postdoctoral fellow in global health, delves into the gap between education about HIV/AIDS and actual behavior among youth in Muhuru Bay, Kenya

Is Bayh-Dole Good for Developing Countries?

November 04, 2008

DGHI Member Anthony So, director of the Program on Global Health and Technology Access, and colleagues from Duke and other universities, have published an article in PLoS Biology that questions the wisdom of developing countries modeling their laws and policies regarding patenting of publicly funded research on the U.S. experience following the passage of the Bayh-Dole Act of 1980.

Math and Mosquitoes

November 03, 2008

Katia Koelle, an assistant professor of biology at Duke, and Alun Lloyd, an associate professor of mathematics at North Carolina State University, teamed up on October 29 to present two different ways in which mathematics can inform how the biological sciences address dengue fever – a mosquito-borne disease.

NIDA Awards Duke $6 Million for Substance Use Prevention Center

November 03, 2008

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has awarded Duke University more than $6 million over five years to involve researchers from multiple disciplines in developing new approaches to substance use prevention. Philip Costanzo (DGHI Affiliate) is one of the principal investigators for this grant.

Subhrendu K. Pattanayak Joins DGHI as New Member

October 27, 2008

Duke Global Health Institute welcomes Subhrendu K. Pattanayak as a new DGHI Member.  Dr. Pattanayak has a joint appointment as associate professor of public policy studies with the Sanford Institute for Public Policy, and associate professor of environmental economics with the Nicholas School of the Environment.