fieldwork 2008

Fieldwork Experiences

October 09, 2008

This In the summer of 2008, Duke undergraduates engaged in a wide variety of global health fieldwork activities. Below are some examples of their experiences.

Stephen Lewis Inspires Students to Tackle AIDS, Gender Inequality

October 07, 2008

Stephen Lewis, founder of AIDS-Free World, has no hesitation in declaring his stance on the importance of gender equality. “I believe with every fiber in my body that the single most important battle we face is for gender equality,” he said to a full house at the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy. 

HIV ribbon

AIDS envoy speaks for WISER week

October 03, 2008

As WISER week nears its end, an influential figure reminded a full crowd at the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy of what is at stake in Africa in the battle against poverty and disease.

WISER girls

Birth of WISER

October 03, 2008

When I ran away from home after high school I thought my father would never forgive me. I didn’t see him for four years-until he attended my college graduation. 

A Changing Culture

October 03, 2008

But that is their culture. You shouldn’t try to change it.” When I hear this comment about my work to improve girls’ education and social capital in Kenya, I want to ask “which culture?” wars?” 

Job Opening: Senior Program Coordinator - Center For Health Policy (North Carolina Community AIDS Partnership)

October 03, 2008

The National AIDS Fund is collaborating with several North Carolina philanthropic foundations to create the North Carolina Community AIDS Partnership.  Duke University’s Center for Health Policy has been selected as the convener of this Partnership in order to develop and sustain public/ private partnerships which will create greater funding for HIV care services throughout North Carolina.