HIV: Combination Prevention Is the Way Ahead and Mistakes of Mid 1990s Must Not Be Repeated

August 04, 2008

Combination prevention—a combination of behavioural, medical, and structural approaches based on sound evidence—offers the best hope for future successful HIV prevention. And the mistakes of the mid-1990s, when HIV/AIDS slipped down the political and financial agendas of many countries and the pandemic expanded greatly, must not be repeated.

David Price

Congressman Price Visits Duke to Discuss Fuqua Initiatives for Healthcare in Africa

July 24, 2008

Congressman David Price (D-NC) visited Duke July 18 to learn about Fuqua School of Business initiatives for sub-Saharan Africa. Dean Blair Sheppard, along with professors Will Mitchell, Jeffrey Moe, Lucy Reuben, David Robinson and Kevin Schulman, offered details of Fuqua’s efforts to address complex health care issues by helping entrepreneurs develop management skills.

Truls Osbye

Lessons from the 2004 Tsunami

July 21, 2008

The pattern of hospitalizations arising from the deadly 2004 tsunami that hit Sri Lanka and other Indian Ocean nations offers lessons into how to prepare for future disasters, according to a study by Duke Medical Center researchers.


Physical Therapy Graduates Go Global!

July 21, 2008

After two years of fundraising and planning, doctoral students from the Duke Physical Therapy (DPT) Class of 2008 at long last realized their dream to go on a service-learning trip to Mumbai, India after their graduation this May.

Toxic Releases Disproportionately Affect Minority and Low-Income Communities

July 14, 2008

A study by Duke University researchers finds that minority and low-income communities are more likely to be adversely affected by a 2006 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ruling that exempts some industries from reporting detailed information about the toxic chemicals they release into the environment.