Project team member Rayan Kaakati, a medical student, talks with refugees living in Durham.

Global Health at Home

December 09, 2018

A global health Bass Connections project brings a big-picture approach to address barriers to health for refugee families living in Durham, North Carolina.

Teresa, Winnie and Mary

Artificial Intelligence, Meet Global Health

December 02, 2018

As artificial intelligence is on the rise, a few Duke Global Health Institute researchers have recognized its potential to improve access to healthcare. Artificial intelligence (AI) can come in many different forms, but Master of Science in Global Health student Mary Brannock and professor Eric Green are focusing on chatbots.

Research Roundup

DGHI Research Roundup: November 2018

December 02, 2018

Thirty-one DGHI-affiliated authors—including faculty, staff and alumni—recently shared new discoveries on a variety of global health topics in peer-reviewed publications.

Simulating Translation Services at Pharmacy

Students in Global Displacement Class Create Video Resources for Refugees

November 25, 2018

As part of a class called “Issues in Global Displacement,” a group of Duke undergraduates are producing a series of videos to acclimate newly resettled refugees to situations they may find linguistically or culturally challenging, such as filling a prescription or talking to a child’s teacher. 

Pratt Pouches

Multimedia Feature: This Petite Pouch Packs a Punch

November 16, 2018

Our new multimedia feature, “This Petite Pouch Packs a Punch,” tells the story behind the Pratt Pouch, a proven method of preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission and one of the most heralded global health innovations to come out of Duke.

Wendy O'Meara

DGHI Professor Wendy O’Meara Wins Tropical Medicine Award

November 16, 2018

The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene recently honored Wendy O’Meara, associate professor of medicine and global health, with a 2018 Bailey K. Ashford Medal at the ASTMH annual meeting. This award recognizes distinguished work in tropical medicine by early- or mid-career ASTMH members.

Alma Ata Logo

Alma-Ata’s Second Act

November 15, 2018

Can a reboot of the 40-year-old declaration bring us any closer to its “health for all” ideals?

Ernesto Ortiz and Bill Pan

3 Questions with DGHI Researcher Ernesto Ortiz

November 05, 2018

Peruvian research project manager Ernesto Ortiz describes his role as associate professor William Pan’s “right hand,” providing support for multiple environmental health-related research projects in Peru. We recently talked with him to learn more about his journey from medicine in Lima to global health in Durham and hear what aspects of his work he thinks have had the greatest impact.