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Alex Cho

Assistant Professor, Medicine
School of Medicine

(919) 681-8858

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Alex Cho


Alex's research interest include: Applied clinical genomics; primary care; health behavior; patient self-management; employee health; implementation science; health policy.

Recent Publications

Haga, SB, Mills, R, Moaddeb, J, Allen Lapointe, N, Cho, A, and Ginsburg, GS. "Patient experiences with pharmacogenetic testing in a primary care setting." Pharmacogenomics 17, no. 15 (October 2016): 1629-1636. PMID: 27648637

Cho, AH, Dakkak, M, Ross, AK, Duan-Porter, W, Bowlby, L, Zipkin, DA, Greenblatt, L, Cunningham, NT, Simo, J, Green, G, Causey, H, Smith, B, Samples, C, Zaas, D, Zaas, AK, and Oddone, EZ. "Redesigning a Resident Continuity Clinic to Provide Effective Population Health Management." April 2014.