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Coleen Cunningham

Professor of Pediatrics and Global Health
Colleen Cunningham


Coleen's research interest include Pediatric HIV treatment, Prevention of perinatal transmission of HIV, Care of HIV infected children in the International setting, HIV vaccine in children and adolescents and Respiratory viral infections and vaccine.



Recent Publications

Hoffman, RM, Brummel, SS, Britto, P, Pilotto, JH, Masheto, G, Aurpibul, L, Joao, E, Purswani, MU, Buschur, S, Pierre, MF, Coletti, A, Chakhtoura, N, Klingman, KL, Currier, JS, & PROMISE (Promoting Maternal and Infant Safety Everywhere) 1077HS Team, . (2019, January). Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Among Women Who Conceive on Antiretroviral Therapy. Clinical Infectious Diseases : an Official Publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 68 (2), 273-279.

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