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Mark Janko

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Mark Janko


Mark Janko is an ecologist, statistician, and population health geographer conducting multidisciplinary research on the epidemiology, ecology, and population genetics of infectious disease. He did his graduate training in the Biostatistics and Geography departments at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

His doctoral work addressed important challenges to current and future malaria control in the Democratic Republic of Congo and broader sub-Saharan Africa. Specifically, he focused on 1) understanding the mechanisms through which ecological changes (such as agricultural development) may increase malaria risk; 2) developing novel approaches to monitoring insecticide resistance in bed nets; and 3) using population genetics tools to understand malaria sub-population structure and gene flow.

In his postdoctoral fellowship, he is using his background in hierarchical modeling and malaria epidemiology to understand the spatial-temporal transmission dynamics of malaria in Peru and Ecuador. One goal of this work is to develop an early warning system such that epidemics can be predicted and averted before they happen.

To start a conversation with me, ask: Why I love Bayesian statistics.