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Affiliate Faculty

Herbert Lyerly

Professor of Surgery
Assistant Professor in Immunology
Associate Professor of Pathology
Herbert Lyerly


Clinical Interests:

Surgical treatment of breast cancer; gene- and immune-based therapy for breast, kidney, lung, colon, and pancreatic cancers

Recent Publications

Forbes, NS, Coffin, RS, Deng, L, Evgin, L, Fiering, S, Giacalone, M, Gravekamp, C, Gulley, JL, Gunn, H, Hoffman, RM, Kaur, B, Liu, K, Lyerly, HK, Marciscano, AE, Moradian, E, Ruppel, S, Saltzman, DA, Tattersall, PJ, Thorne, S, Vile, RG, Zhang, HH, Zhou, S, & McFadden, G. (2018, August 6). White paper on microbial anti-cancer therapy and prevention. Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer, 6 (1), 78-null.

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