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Eric Velazquez

Professor, Cardiology
School of Medicine
Medicine: Cardiology

(919) 668-8700

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Eric Velazquez


Eric J. Velazquez, MD, is a Professor of Medicine at Duke University. As the section chief for Cardiovascular Imaging in the Division of Cardiology and the director of the Cardiac Diagnostic Unit and Echocardiography Laboratories for Duke University Health System, he coordinates a high-volume enterprise and an outstanding group of clinician-investigators and clinical staff who make important contributions across patient care, research and educational domains. As a long-time faculty leader in the Duke Clinical Research Institute, he manages the portfolio of Government-funded clinical trials. Dr. Velazquez is also a member of the Duke Global Health Institute and leads Duke's cardiovascular global health efforts. He is globally recognized as an authority in heart failure, cardiovascular clinical trials and cardiac imaging.

Dr. Velazquez's research interests include the evaluation and management of heart failure, particularly with coronary artery disease; hypertension; valve disease; and cardiovascular imaging. Dr. Velazquez has led global clinical trial operations for numerous cardiovascular clinical trial programs including VALIANT, ACCOMPLISH, the Heart Failure Network and STICH. He is currently the principal investigator for the NHLBI-funded STICHES Program and an NHLBI-funded Global Health Program for Chronic Cardiovascular Diseases in Eldoret, Kenya.

Dr. Velazquez has co-authored over 250 peer-reviewed publications, including recent publications in the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association, Circulation and European Heart Journal. He serves as Chair of the ASE Taskforce on International Echocardiography.



Recent Publications

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