Joanna Maselko

Adjunct Associate Professor

Asia Maselko's research uses a developmental and social epidemiological approach to study the mechanisms through which social and cultural factors influence mental health over the lifecourse. One specific area of interest is trying to identify how the family and social context shapes the intergenerational transmission of psychopathology risk. Towards this end, Dr. Maselko is currently evaluating the long term cognitive and socio-emotional outcomes among school-aged children whose mothers participated in a community based perinatal depression intervention in Pakistan. Dr. Maselko also leads a project that examines the family and social context determinants of well-being and cognitive decline among elderly in Sri Lanka. Another area of research focuses on how religious engagement facilitates risk or resilience in the context of socioeconomic adversities. With an emphasis of on disentangling causal processes, Maselko's previous research has described the potential contribution of selection effects in the observed religious engagement-depression association.