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Lauren Etheridge

Web Developer

Trent 231
(919) 684-8270

As web developer at Duke Global Health Institute, Lauren works collaboratively with Joy Stutts, Web Manager, on technical and programming aspects of the DGHI website as well as micro-sites created for its partners and faculty. She is a full-stack web developer who works to keep DGHI's web presence current with the latest technology and trends. Lauren strives to make sure DGHI is delivering content and information to consumers with optimal UX experience and functionality.

To start a conversation with me, ask me: about Film Noir, David Lynch, comedy shows, music & the Fibonacci Sequence in nature.

Something interesting most people don't know about me: I can play the Theremin.

Favorite activity/ hobby outside of work: I love to go to music, dance and comedy performances. I also enjoy hanging out with my family and friends on our deck.

Favorite food: Vietnamese Cuisine - There are just as many delicious hot dishes as there as are delicious dishes served cold!