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Manfred Meng

Lab Research Analyst

10 Circuit Drive, Room 108 RP2
(919) 613-9421

Manfred, who holds a PhD in molecular biology, has expertise with wet experiments such as constructing various libraries, next generation sequencing with MiSeq and NextSeq, gene knockdown with CRISPRi and lncRNA whole genome screen with CRISPRi. Manfred also has more than six years of hands-on experience with data analysis such as bioinformatics and biostatistics. As part of the "International Centers of Excellence for Malaria Research" project, Manfred provides support and training at project sites in China, Bangladesh and Myanmar, and attends to the daily activities of the DGHI laboratory at Duke University.

To start a conversation with me, ask me: About meditation, Buddhism or Taoism. I practice meditation every day, and do exercises such as playing ping pong, broadcast gymnastics and walking with my family at sunset.

Why I'm interested in global health: It is my pleasure to be a part of Duke Global Health Institute, to devote myself to improving health of people in the whole world, especially children in developing countries.

Manfred Meng