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Norbert Odero

Senior Research Program Leader

Trent 206
(919) 684-3835

Working under the leadership of Dr. Christopher Plowe and Dr. Myaing Nyunt, Norbert provides high-level administrative management and support for development and implementation of projects for DGHI's research in Myanmar. Prior to joining DGHI, Norbert was a project manager with Social Scientific Systems Inc., supporting quality improvement of NIH funded projects. Before that, he was part of a team that implemented the first Phase 3 cannabis clinical trials at UNC-Chapel Hill. His formative years were with Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and Centers for Diseases Control (CDC) in Kenya, where he worked with researchers to implement various Phase 3 clinical trials and field studies.

To start a conversation with me, ask me: About Africa, be it literature, politics, sports, etc.

Favorite activity/hobby outside of work: Playing soccer in the local Orange County leagues as well as having a good time with my family.

Favorite country I've traveled to and why: India. I found it to be very rich in every sense of the word. I enjoyed the people as well as the culture.

Why I'm interested in global health: I believe I can contribute to positive change by being part of a team at DGHI working to reduce disease burden among under-privileged populations across the world. While growing up in Kenya, I was confronted by the reality of malaria and other childhood diseases. As a teenager, Kenya and indeed the entire continent of Africa was confronted by the new challenge: HIV and AIDS. Visiting a sick uncle in one of the local hospitals introduced me to new reality of rows and rows of beds full of sick folks without access to life-saving medications. Now, I continue to witness how efforts by partners such as PEPFAR, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others, as well as implementing organizations such as DGHI in collaboration with in-country organizations, continue to play an integral part in improving health and reducing disease burden in developing countries.

Norbert Odero