Priority Partnership Locations

Beijing, China

DGHI's primary partners in Beijing, China are Peking University and The George Institute for Global Health - China.  DGHI and Peking University jointly host the summer Global Health Diploma Program comprised of four courses co-taught by faculty at both universities. This Program provides participants with a deeper understanding of global health as it relates to health systems, ethics and health promotion. Each year, 35-40 Chinese graduate students and professionals have participated in the program. Beginning 2015 the summer training will take place at Duke Kunshan University.

DGHI is involved in project titled “Center of Excellence in Global Health Policy Development and Governance in China.” This project is in collaboration the Department of Global Health, Peking University, as part of the grant supported by the Global Health Support Project from the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID).

In partnership with The George Institute for Global Health- China, DGHI is involved in a Center of Excellence in Chronic Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases research project to develop, implement and evaluate an effective, low-cost and sustainable primary-care based cardiovascular disease prevention and management strategy that is suitable for rural China and potentially for other resource poor areas.



Duke Faculty Involved

Research Focus

Cardiovascular disease, stroke, global health governance