Priority Partnership Locations

Kampala, Uganda

DGHI's main partners in Kampala are Makerere University and Mulago Hospital. Over the last eight years, Michael Haglund, Professor of Neurosurgery, Neurobiology, and Global Health and the Program Training Director for Duke Neurosurgery, has led several surgical teams of 20-55 medical professionals up to twice per year to Mulago National Referral and Teaching Hospital to perform neurosurgery and build capacity.

Duke has donated over 42 tons of medical equipment worth over $6,000,000 to Mulago Hospital through the Duke Global Health PLUS (Placement of Life-giving Useable Surplus) Program, outfitting several surgical operating theaters. Prior to collaboration, the number of operations performed was approximately 65 neurosurgery cases per year. In 2012, this number increased significantly to over 250 cases per year. His ongoing efforts have helped Mulago hospital open a new neurosurgery-dedicated  operating theater that allowed the Ugandan Neurosurgery Faculty to triple the annual operative capacity in 2013.

Dr. Michael Muhumuza and Dr. Haglund serve as the Co-Directors of the East African Neurosurgery Training Program, one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s only neurosurgery residency program housed at Mulago National Referral and Teaching Hospital, which now has five neurosurgery residents in the pipeline. This group of trainees will double the number of neurosurgeons in Uganda, as there are only five currently. 

This program has graduated its first trainee, Dr. Alexander Mhindo in December 2014. Dr. Haglund’s next project will be to help outfit Mbarara with some of the same equipment and tools as Mulago and to improve quality and availability of high-need neurosurgery and neurology care in Western Uganda.

Master of Science in Global Health students have been involved in cancer research projects through the Uganda Cancer Institute. Childhood undernutrition and brain injury also remain important topics for faculty undertaking research in Kampala.




Duke Faculty Involved

Research Focus

Neurosurgery, childhood malnutrition, mental health