Priority Partnership Locations

Kunshan, China

DGHI's primary partners are the city of Kunshan and Wuhan University.  DGHI remains a central player in Duke Kunshan University. Duke Kunshan Unversity hosts a Global Health Research Center that supports leading global health faculty research efforts; promotes interdisciplinary, mutually-beneficial collaborations with researchers from China and low- to middle-income countries; applies cutting-edge knowledge to important health problems; and develops a reputation for scholarly excellence.

The Global Health Research Center will host national and international conferences to disseminate research findings and to encourage dialogue among scientists, professionals, policymakers, and other key stakeholders in global health.

DGHI/Duke Kunshan Unversity is involved in multiple projects funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) Global Health Support Programme to strengthen global health research, education and policy in China. Implemented by China’s Ministry of Health, in collaboration with DGHI/Duke Kunshan Unversity and other Chinese universities, the program aims to improve China’s capacities in global health policy development and governance. The DFID projects include multiple activities - including research, education and training, policy consultancy, and capacity building - designed to foster the development of a national global health strategy and ensure stronger participation by China in global health affairs.

In addition to the Global Health Research Center, DGHI offers its Master of Science in Global Health degree and undergraduate global health courses at Duke Kunshan Unversity drawing international students and faculty.



Duke Faculty Involved

Research Focus

Chronic disease, environmental health, health systems strengthening and policy research; GHRC