Priority Partnership Locations

Shanghai, China

DGHI's has two partners in Shanghai: Fudan University and the National Institute of Parasitic Diseases – China CDC. In October 2012 and November 2014 DGHI and Fudan University successfully convened meetings to bring together partners from multiple Priority Partnership Locations in Asia and Africa to discuss joint education and research initiatives. Building upon the initial meeting in 2012, DGHI launched Interdisciplinary Research Collaborations for Asia and Africa request for proposals, soliciting research projects from teams of faculty from Duke, Fudan, and a low-or middle-income country partner from Asia or Africa to undertake joint research in the areas of non-communicable diseases, environmental health, road safety, smoking cessation, lung disease, or health systems strengthening. DGHI intends to continue this effort to expand collaborations between its partners and work together on several research projects.

DGHI is involved in multiple projects funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) Global Health Support Programme to strengthen global health research, education and policy in China. 



Duke Faculty Involved

Research Focus

Infectious disease, trauma and injury care, medical education, maternal health