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2019 One Sun Health Program Coordinators


South Africa


May 30, 2019 - August 01, 2019

Project Objectives

One Sun Health is a non-profit organization that aims to promote sustainable, locally driven solutions to public health challenges through community health education and social entrepreneurship initiatives in South Africa. One Sun Health is looking for dedicated, enthusiastic students to serve as Program Coordinators during the summer of 2019.

Project Opportunities

Work on the ground to support The Malaria Awareness Program (MAP), one of One Sun Health's main initiatives.
Train and facilitate home-based care workers in leading a multi-week interactive malaria education workshop series
Collect and analyze data (surveys during workshops, stakeholder interviews, etc.)
Create, organize, and distribute various program materials, including teaching content, handbooks, posters, surveys, data reports
o Liaise and develop positive working relationships with key community, government, and non-profit stakeholders
o Coordinate expansion efforts in new regions, using problem-solving skills to mitigate potential barriers
• Spearhead an opportunity assessment to determine possible avenues for OSH's strategic and organizational growth
o Develop assessment goals, objectives, strategic priorities, metrics for evaluation, and implementation plan
o Lead interview with key local community and stakeholders
o Conduct a literature review on evidence-based practices and research
o Write a report compiling results, outcomes, next steps to share with OSH Board of Directors
• Support on the ground and domestic operations, including:
o Fundraising & grant writing
o Social media management
o Research, data entry & analysis
• Communicate program and logistical updates on a weekly basis back to OSH leadership

Length of Commitment: 10 weeks.
• Program Coordinators are expected to spend a minimum of 10 weeks in South Africa to ensure execution of the education program and opportunity assessment. The approximate breakdown of work is as follows, but varies significantly depending on organizational needs and expansion plans from year to year:
o 1 week of training, program preparation, logistics, etc.
o 5 weeks of HBCW training and MAP workshops (Limpopo and Mpumalanga)
o 3 weeks of opportunity assessment development, data collection, analysis, and report writing
o 1 week wrap up for final data collection, analysis, stakeholder interviews, and preparation for the next iteration of MAP

• Program Coordinators are expected to assist in final program wrap-up/outstanding data analysis, which may take up to 2 weeks after returning to the States. This involvement should not be very time intensive, but rather ensures that One Sun Health has the adequate information from the fieldwork.
• There may be opportunities for involvement in One Sun Health upon return should the Program Coordinator wish to stay involved!

Dates: Summer 2019
• The exact dates may be flexible, but will begin in mid to late May and end in August 2019. Timing will be considered and coordinated with availability of other Program Coordinators.

Funding: $5,000-$7,000
Program Coordinators are expected to obtain the funding necessary to support their travel and expenses. One Sun Health cannot cover the costs of Program Coordinators, but can help in finding avenues of funding such as:
• University grants
• National, non-profit, and/or corporate grants
• Personal funding webpages and donations
• One Sun Health website crowdfunding campaigns

Below is a conservative estimated budget, assuming that only 1 Program Coordinator is on the ground for 10 weeks. More than likely there will be 2-3 Program Coordinators, thus dividing group costs such as Materials, Translator, Car, and Petrol in half and leading to total costs just under $5,000 per person.

Estimated Costs Rand Dollars
Lodging R 10,000 $710
Food R 10,000 $710
Materials R 9,000 $650
Translator R 9,000 $650
Car R 15,000 $1,100
Petrol R 15,000 $1,100
Flights R 20,000 $1,400
Misc (5% Contingency) R 3,950 $280
Total R 82,950 $6,600

Interested students should contact Molly Simon at msimon@onesunhealth.org for more information.

Project Application Process

Please email your CV and your response to these questions to
msimon@onesunhealth.org. The deadline is January 31, 2019.

1) Program Coordinators are expected to commit 10 weeks in South Africa during the Summer of 2019. Working on the ground, communicating back to the US, raising awareness and fundraising are things we hope that you want to do. What draws you to One Sun Health and what do you want to gain from the experience? Why do you want to be involved?

2) In addition to seeking Program Coordinators who are passionate and enthusiastic about the mission of One Sun Health, we are interested in students who come with a different perspective of the world or with unique skills and interests. What can you, as an individual, contribute to One Sun Health?

3) Living, working and communicating in an unfamiliar, rural village can be quite difficult at times. Tell us a little bit about how you work with others in a team setting. How do you work best? How do you respond to feeling uncomfortable or uncertain when operating in a challenging environment?

4) What is something you have always wanted to do? This does not have to be public health related--just tell us about something you want to accomplish!

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