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  • Hertford County Public Health Authority

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Action. Skills. Knowledge. 4 Care (ASK4Care) is a peer-lead retention in care program that promotes HIV knowledge, communication skills, community building, and health prioritization among people living with HIV who are newly diagnosed, and those who are accessing care but not optimizing it. Combined with community-based HIV testing already in place at each partner site, ASK4Care will usher those who are newly diagnosed with HIV into medical care and supportive peer programs to promote lifelong adherence skills. ASK4Care is an eight module knowledge and skills-building program lead by peers who have themselves overcome personal barriers to accessing care and staying in care. ASK4Care includes six modules that help clients engaged in medical care to become more active in their own health care, two additional modules use text messaging, an effective means to reach people of lower socio-economic status in rural and suburban areas, to promote general health and support individual's health and wellness goals. The ASK4Care partners include: Hertford County Public Health Authority serving a rural 11-county area of North Carolina, Partners In Caring serving a suburban coastal six-county area, and the Lincoln Community Health Center serving the urban Durham county area.

Peer-lead modules have been created to promote health literacy and engagement. No data are available yet.

If shown effective, ASK4Care will provide a new tool for promoting patient engagement and retention in medical care, particularly for patients of lower socio-economic status and those in rural areas.

Last updated on June 3, 2020