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Community Health and Sustainable Development in Rural Tanzania


Machame, Tanzania


2015-06-01 16:31:45 - 2015-08-01 16:31:45

Project Objectives

The Primary Healthcare Ambassadors Foundation (PAF trustees) is a small Tanzanian NGO located in the rural community of Machame, located at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. PAF trustees was founded by a local community member and has as its mission to motivate and mobilize the rural community to be more actively involved in disease prevention and health promotion activities. The organization works with the government and other local partners to include activities such as health education campaigns, agricultural extension support, and microenterprise development. Goals and activities focus on women’s empowerment, high levels of community engagement, and development of sustainable project management practices.

Project Opportunities

In this new SRT setting, students will work closely with PAF trustees on an array of on-going community-based health and development activities. The specific research and service activities will be determined in collaboration with the partner and local health and community leaders, but may include:
• Household surveys and collection of baseline health data
• Community seminars on health topics identified by the community
• Documentation of on-going NGO activities, projects and goals
• Creation of educational and promotional materials, both hardcopy and web-based
• Immersion in the local culture and interaction with professionals and recipients of care to better understand infectious and chronic disease issues in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.
• Participation in basic clinic activities including clinical shadowing and review of basic principles and skills of health care with regard for cultural context and cultural practice.

Project Application Process

Students must fill out and submit a project application, CV and recent transcript to Ms. Lysa MacKeen by November 3, 2014. Students may apply to no more than two project opportunities and a separate application must be completed for each SRT project option. The scheduled interviews for this project location will take place during the week of November 17, 2014. Any questions regarding the application, interview dates or general project information should be directed to Lysa MacKeen.

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