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A Cross-Sectional Study Describing Prehospital Transportation & Care of Externally-caused, Acute Injuries in Galle, Sri Lanka


Galla, Sri Lanka


May 15, 2017 - September 30, 2017

Project Objectives

Injuries are the leading cause of hospital admissions in Sri Lanka with 62,377 non-fatal injuries requiring in-patient care in the Galle district alone, however without an established ambulance service there is no easy way for these patients to travel to the hospital. Without a centralized emergency transportation service, data on prehospital care is not readily available and characteristics of prehospital transport are not well understood. The primary aim of my study is to describe characteristics of prehospital transportation and care of people with acute, externally caused injuries that are severe enough to require overnight hospitalization. A secondary aim of my study is assessing the extent to which prehospital transportation and care moderates the relationship between injury event and outcomes (mortality, length of hospital stay, medical treatment/resource utilization). The study will take place at Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, which serves as a tertiary care facility in Galle, Sri Lanka with 1,560 beds. A cross-sectional survey with questions addressing patient demographics, the injury event, and different aspects of the patient’s prehospital transportation and care will be administered in Sinhalese by a trained research assistant. Information on outcomes will be extracted from medical records. Our target sample size is 400 with inclusion criteria of over age 18, patients with externally-caused injuries severe enough to require overnight inpatient care. Exclusion criteria would be as follows: less than 18 years of age, no overnight inpatient care required, and patients with animal bites or poisonings. Data analysis will involve descriptive statistics, univariate, and multivariate regression analysis.

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