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Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum in Global Health

Project Overview

Most Duke students graduate with proficiency in a second language, but they are not always sure how to apply this knowledge to their major or field of study. The Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum initiative at Duke is built upon a simple, primary concept: students should have multiple opportunities to apply their knowledge of languages in a variety of curricular contexts, not just within the traditional language classroom.

CLAC builds upon the premise that knowledge exists within and is shaped by culture. Just as materials in many languages can and should be incorporated into all parts of the curriculum, intercultural perspectives can and should inform the teaching of academic content in many curricular contexts. CLAC puts translingual and transcultural competence within reach of all students, not simply for those who major in a foreign language or participate in immersive study abroad programs.

As director of the CLAC program, Reisinger identifies instructors and developshalf credit courses that focus on current issues in global health, public policy and the environment. CLAC courses are taught in Arabic, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Swahili, and allow students to put their skills to use in a real world context. 

In Spring 2018, CLAC is partnering with David Boyd's GLHLTH 101 course to offer students the opportunity to develop linguistic and cultural competencies as they relate to GLHLTH in Arabic, French, Mandarin, and Spanish.


Project Collaborators

  • David Boyd, Bethzaida Fernandez, Christelle Gonthier, Maha Houssami, Yan Liu

Project Status


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