Early Infant Care and Risk of Obesity (Nurture)



  • NIH-National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

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Early Infant Care and Risk of Obesity (Nurture)

The Nurture study is an observational study that follows a southern cohort of 1000 predominately black and white mothers and their infants in Durham, NC. The goal of the study is to assess weight gain in infants over their first year of life via home visiting. We conduct frequent measurements throughout infancy to help us pinpoint when children begin to gain weight excessively and help identify risk factors such as energy intake, energy expenditure, stress, and sleep that may be associated with obesity in early life. We are measuring stress via salivary cortisol assay, energy intake through maternal questionnaire, and energy expenditure and sleep using an accelerometer. The study began in August 2012 and will continue through June 2017. Visit the Nurture Study Website