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Further developing the implementation of a distance-based executive style degree completion program for Ghanaian nurse anesthetists

Further developing the implementation of a distance-based executive style degree completion program for Ghanaian nurse anesthetists



Project Objectives

This proposed project will serve as an extension of the existing Bass Connections Project, and would provide a mechanism for evaluating data collected in association with the implementation of the distance program, as well as align resources to support the development of the non-technology based components of the project.

Anesthesia care for the 25 million citizens of Ghana is almost entirely the responsibility of approximately 500 nurse anesthetists. Until recently, nurse anesthetists were trained in hospital-based diploma programs; however in 2012 the University for Development Studies (UDS) in Tamale, Ghana began a bachelor’s of science degree for nurse anesthesia. Initially designed to train new nurses in the practice of anesthesia, the program is predominately filled with practicing anesthetists who wish to obtain a baccalaureate degree. The problem is two-fold: practicing anesthetists are leaving their communities for two years to earn their degree, and very few new providers are being educated.

Our team is working closely with faculty at UDS to implement a distance-based degree completion program for nurse anesthetists. The goal of the project is to utilize innovative technology and an executive training model to assist practicing anesthetists in completing their degree, allowing for a continuity of care in the community and opportunities to train additional nurses to administer anesthesia.

Project Opportunities

* Proposed Meeting Times: The entire team will meet monthly on Monday afternoons. Smaller working groups will have varying meeting schedules (no less than twice/ month). Some weekend meetings may be required.

* Student Selection Criteria/ Number of Student Placements available: We are currently recruiting the following types of learners:
- 1 Anesthesiology Resident with interest in global health research
- 3 MSN students currently enrolled in the Nurse Anesthesia Program
- 1-2 Duke Undergraduate students with experience or serious interest in App development, games-based learning, or e-learning.
- 1 graduate level student with experience in IT project management or healthcare informatics.

Project Application Process

Please complete the Bass Central Application process, located here: https://bassconnections.duke.edu/content/common-application.

When you have completed that process, please send an email to Lysa.mackeen@duke.edu with the title of the project and "Capplication completed" in the subject line.

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