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Global Mental Health--Integrative Training Program (GMH-ITP)




September 30, 2016 - May 11, 2018

Project Objectives

The goal of the Global Mental Health%u2014Integrative Training Program is to expose students from an array of disciplines to mental health concepts and methods. Because mental health is strongly associated with outcomes in the majority of other health domains, advancing mental health contributes to advancing global health. Our hope is that by exposing students from diverse disciplines to collaborative, multi-disciplinary approaches to mental health, we will produce future professionals who are able to integrate mental health into their work, whatever their disciplines.

This Bass Connections project is a collaboration among four global mental health research labs at the Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI) with projects in Kenya, South Africa, Appalachia, and Nepal. Bass Connections students will participate in bimonthly (2x/month) seminars that rotate among the four labs. The seminars will provide training in diverse methods and concepts, followed by a summer field placement in one of the four labs’ field sites. Upon return from summer fieldwork, students across the four labs will re-assemble for bimonthly seminars on analysis and research dissemination.

This Bass project requires students to commit to working within one of the four Global Mental Health labs for 2 years (Fall 2016 — Spring 2018) and to produce a thesis based on their research in the lab. Because of the intensity of the commitment required, it would be extremely difficult for students to work concurrently in another lab.

Project Opportunities

As described above, all participants in the GMH-ITP will convene for bimonthly seminars, during which one lab or a guest speaker will present a focused training on a concept or methodology that they use in their research. Topics include qualitative research methods in GMH, instrument development and adaptation, cultural adaptation of interventions, trials, and GMH policy. Over the course of the first academic year, the team will identify a core research question of common interest across labs. The GMH-ITP team will design a multi-sited project addressing this research question, which the students will conduct at the research sites, in collaboration with faculty advisers and lab affiliates. Students will be expected to produce a collaboratively written academic paper about their summer projects and will be encouraged to use this work towards their theses.

In Fall 2016, undergraduate and graduate students will be expected to enroll in the Global Mental Health course that is appropriate to their level: GLHLTH 363: Fundamentals of Global Mental Health for undergraduates (Instructor: Dr. Puffer) or GLHLTH 660: Global Mental Health for graduate students (Instructor: Dr. Kohrt/Dr. Kaiser). In Spring 2017, students will enroll in a group independent study course. Students will be expected to commit approximately 10 hours per week to the project.

Undergraduate students: 4
Masters of Science in Global Health students: 4

Project Application Process

Submit responses to the following questions (1-2 paragraphs each) to Bonnie Kaiser: bnk6@duke.edu;
Undergraduate and Master’s Student Deadline: 15 September 2016

1. Why are you interested in participating in the GMH-ITP?
2. What experiences have you had in the areas of global health and/or mental health?
3. Please attach a current resume or CV

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