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Health determinants and underreporting patterns of intimate partner violence in Maringa, Brazil


2015-01-01 02:46:04 - 2015-03-01 02:46:04

Project Objectives

In Brazil the prevalence of intimate partner violence (IVP) is estimated to be between 27.5% and 58.6% depending on the method of data collection. Methods that utilize self-reported cases show the lower estimates while more intentional forms of data collection, such as community surveys, show higher estimates. This retrospective study entails conducting interviews with women living in Maringa, the third largest city in Parana state, about their lifetime experience with IPV through a structured community survey. Sociodemographic information will be collected at the time of the interview in order to investigate the associations between educational level and socioeconomic status and IPV prevalence. An additional step of analysis will be performed in which the survey data will be compared to the city violence registry data to investigate underreporting of IPV and investigate predictors of underreporting. This violence registry was put into effect by the office of the Secretary of Health to record violence incidents that are reported by patients that seek care at medical facilities throughout the city.

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