Our Work

Improving Reproductive Health Outcomes in Argentina: A Collaborative Effort Between Duke, CEDES (Center for the Study of State and Society) and CREP (Rosario Center for Perinatal Studies)

Project Objectives

With this travel grant I propose that Dr. Jeff Wilkinson and I travel to Argentina to meet with colleagues at the CEDESxiv and CREPxv, two Argentinean non-governmental institutions that have been conducting social research on health systems, policies and programs focusing primarily on sexual and reproductive health and rights, and aim at improving the maternal-infant health of the population. We would like to discuss with them the possibility of engaging in an interactive interdisciplinary approach to address two areas: prevention of unplanned pregnancies and the problem of maternal mortality and morbidity related to abortion. In collaboration with these entities, we aim to improve post abortion care and establish training programs for providers in the public sector to educate community members, improve access to methods of birth control, provide continuity of care for reproductive health, and enhance awareness of reproductive health issues amongst both providers and patients.


Project Status


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